About Eyecare Professionals

About Eyecare Professionals

Eyecare Professionals is a family-owned and operated optometry clinic with three locations in central North Dakota. Patients can book appointments at clinic sites in Mandan, Hazen and Washburn, North Dakota, without having to stray far away from home for top-quality care and kindness. 

At Eyecare Professionals, the four optometrists and the support staff encourage patients to feel right at home upon visiting the office and treat them like new members of the family. This is why they use the motto, “We care for people, not just eyes!” Each office is a warm and inviting environment making it easy for patients to relax and feel confident in the care they’re about to receive. 

The optometric team frequently diagnoses and treats many of the most common conditions affecting the eyes. Patients come to Eyecare Professionals with glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration, infections, and more. They leave with a comprehensive treatment plan catered to their individual needs.

The Eyecare Professionals team is proud to use many of the latest and most high-tech treatment strategies and technologies available. These include intense pulsed light (IPL) and iLux® for dry eyes, optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging, the Cornea 550 for contact lens fitting, and LidPro™ treatment for eyelid inflammation.

Finally, patients can rely on Eyecare Professionals for all of their vision improvement needs. The optometry team provides eye exams, contact lens fittings, and eyewear fittings. They prioritize patients’ ability to view the world clearly as their primary goal.

The friendly team at Eyecare Professionals is happy to help new and returning patients who are searching for clearer vision or better eye health. To book an appointment, simply call one of the three locations or use the online scheduling tool.


Words from our patients

  • 5 star

    Beautiful remodeled facility, and the addition of two new optometrists joining the practice what a great addition to the Mandan community.

    Debbie P.
  • 5 star

    Professional is in the name, and rightly so. Excellent, friendly service.

    Kay R.
  • Very satisfied - very helpful and I see very well with my new glasses! Who could ask for more?

    Bill W.