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Routine eye exams are an important element of your overall health care plan. Eye exams do more than evaluate the clarity of your vision — they are used to check the health of your eyes to identify any changes that could compromise your health. Eyecare Professionals offers comprehensive eye exams and the latest optometric technology to patients of all ages. Call the Mandan, Hazen, and Washburn, North Dakota, office or book an appointment online today.

Eye Exams Q & A

What happens at an eye exam?

An eye exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your vision and eye health. When you come to Eyecare Professionals, the team begins by talking with you about your eyes. If you have any trouble seeing or you’re experiencing discomfort, bring it up at your appointment.

Your doctor performs an eye prescription check using a series of tests to examine how clearly you see. You may be asked to read letters of the alphabet printed at different sizes.

Eyecare Professionals provides medical eye exams using state-of-the-art technology. The team can evaluate your risk for common eye conditions, including testing macular pigment density. They examine your retinal health and check to see if floaters are interfering with your vision. 

How often do I need an eye exam?

The answer depends on your age, vision requirements, and risk factors. In general, adults between 18-60 years old should visit the eye doctor for an eye exam every one to two years. 

The risk for eye diseases, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, increases with age, and adults over 60 should get annual eye exams. 

Babies should have their first eye exam when they’re six months old. Children should have their vision tested again around age 3, as well as before they enter elementary school. School-aged children should have eye exams every two years.

People of all ages who wear eyeglasses or contacts may need yearly eye exams. If you have other health conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, you could need more frequent exams to monitor the health of your eyes.

Why are regular eye exams important?

Your eyes change throughout your life. Children’s eyes grow as their bodies grow, and it’s common for a person’s eye prescription to change until they’re in their early twenties. 

Getting routine eye exams helps make sure that your prescription is right for your eyes as they grow and change.

In addition to monitoring changes to your eye prescription, regular eye exams provide evaluations of your eye health and track any changes throughout your life. 

Many common eye diseases, like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, start slowly and there are few noticeable warning signs. 

Find top-quality care for your eyes and vision at Eyecare Professionals. Call or book online to schedule your comprehensive eye exam today.