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Eye injuries can range from an accidental poke with a pencil or makeup brush to a serious chemical burn or a blow to the face. While small scratches often heal quickly, it’s important to seek professional care for eye injuries that cause pain, swelling, and vision changes. The experienced team Eyecare Professionals in Mandan, Hazen, and Washburn, North Dakota, offer top-quality eye injury treatment. Call your nearest office or book an appointment online for more information.

Eye Injury Treatment Q & A

What are some common eye injuries?

There are four main types of eye injuries, and they range in severity. Common causes of eye injury are:

  • Scratches
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Blow to the eye

One of the most common types is a scratch or cut on the cornea. Scratches can come from a fingernail, makeup brush, or another small object. 

Getting something in your eye can also cause injury. Objects like grains of sand, dirt, dust, or wood shavings can get caught in your eye, irritating it and scratching the cornea. 

Mild chemical burns can come from shampoo or soap and make your eyes sting. More serious chemical burns can come from household cleaners like oven cleaners or fertilizers and lead to serious eye damage.

A blow to the face, like getting hit with a ball, can cause an eye injury as well. Black eyes form when the tissue, muscle, and bone around the eye get damaged. Black eyes are painful, and often bruise and swell around your eye.

What are the signs of an eye injury?

Mild eye injuries are usually accompanied by discomfort, redness, or watery eyes. Small scratches and cuts on the cornea usually heal quickly and typically don’t require medical attention. 

Signs of a more serious eye injury include:

  • Ongoing eye pain
  • Swelling
  • Double vision
  • Changes in vision
  • Inability to open or close your eye
  • Headache

For eye injuries that affect your vision or cause significant pain and swelling, medical treatment is important to protect your vision and your eye health.

How are eye injuries treated?

For minor eye injuries, including small foreign objects in the eye and scratches, your eye will naturally flush itself out with tears. Blinking several times or using saline eye drops can help.

More serious eye injuries need professional care. In general, you shouldn’t touch your injured eye or try to remove any foreign particles. Visit the doctors at Eyecare Professionals as soon as possible for treatment. 

The eye doctors at Eyecare Professionals are trained experts in handling a wide variety of eye injuries. When you come to the office for care, the team will diagnose your condition and make recommendations to relieve your symptoms and protect the health of your eyes. 

In some cases, you should call 911 for eye injuries. Seek emergency medical care if a visible foreign object, like a piece of metal or glass, is sticking out of your eye or if you’ve suffered a chemical burn and are still in pain after flushing your eye.

Let the team at Eyecare Professionals treat your eye injury and help you start feeling better faster. Emergency appointments are available day and night. 

Call one of the three locations today for more information. You can also book your appointment using the convenient online scheduling tool.